The villain in your story keeps eluding you – what is he really like? You find it difficult to get through the layers of personality, and quirks – you name it, it keeps slipping through your fingers. How can you meet him face to face? This was one of the goals in the workshop – to practise going through the steps of character creation methodically.

Where does creation begin? A character is sometimes there by chance – someone you know, perhaps, or from inspiration – he/she just pops up in your head, and starts developing their own traits. Or you just have to build them from scratch, like Lego bricks.

So, we have the physical description, the person’s possessions, his/her reactions or actions, their speech / language, and, finally, their thoughts.

We did the exercises on these points, conjuring up many memorable characters in the process. We could SEE the others’ characters in our mind’s eye.

Fun was had by all, and it was definitely a session with repeatability potential.

In the meantime, a happy Easter to all!