Present: Steffi, Zoryana, Nastya, Veronica and Anna

Methinks the Spring weather is drawing people outside and inspiring them to take time off from Zoom and the screen. Such was the case yesterday at the workshop, as we noticed – only 4 girls present, and Anna, much later.

It was supposed to be about Clichés, but this will now take place at a later date. No worries – we had a good old natter about club topics.

Just to keep the theme alive until such times, the definition of cliché from my wonderful Chambers Dictionary of Etymology: 1832 as a French word introduced into an English word on manufacturing. French cliché stereotype (printing plate cast from a mold), from past participle of clicher to click, strike melted lead to obtain a cast or mold), perhaps variant of Old French cliquer to click, probably of imitative origin. The figurative meaning “worn out expression, trite idea” appeared in 1888, parallel to the figurative extension of earlier stereotype (1850), meaning “a fixed, conventional, unoriginal expression.”