Two sisters (On the Terrace) - Renoir

by Nastya Paliy

wonderful sister of mine,
a curious child at the time,
with innocent cobalt blue eyes,
that wished to discover the world.

smiling that beautiful grin,
that warmed every heart at the time,
sharing with people in need,
desire to hope and to live,
not knowing of sorrow and grief.

how I stroked your hair when you cried?
That soothed you a lot at the time.
Outside, in the last rays of sun
glistened your peanut brown locks,
a few shades lighter than mine.

And you once,
found a black hat in my room,
too simple for you at the time.
With purpose you hopped to the gardens,
and with flowers adornened that hat.
Happily, I let you keep it.

I wonder,
what happend to that tiny girl?
Whose laugh, a light, little bell,
now only rings in the distance.
Whose strikingly brilliant eyes
once sparkled like marvellous sapphires.

Plenty of things I would give
to see that ocean of blue
shine with such joy once again.

Two sisters (On the Terrace) - Renoir