Simone opened the Read-in session with a glorious celebration of her wee daughter, playing and giggling in mountains of cushions; lovely images and lots of motherly love in that poem. Steffi treated us to a social media “ghosting” session, finely crafted and poignant. More of these, please… Our guest today, Anna, invited us into a seemingly mundane topic, a pot of water boiling, and totally captivated us with her amazing imagery in this “pod of steam”. Great premiere, Anna. Richard joined us from Amsterdam with a breaking-up-with-girlfriend story. His style of writing draws the listener into this very real world of young friends drinking together, and drifting off to escape: …”dance away from my problems, on my own personal
rainbow.” Paul, Another depressing writer (his own title), gave a superb performance of a few pages of his book “Dating by the book”, featuring a French chef-de-cuisine crouching behind a counter with his accountant while his brother is raging at the door of the cafe. Pascal (the chef) starts reminiscing about his grandparents who guided him through the wonderful world of French cooking in the south of France, so vivid that I could acually smell the fish and the thyme. Can’t wait to read the whole book. The (other) Anna today took us into a broodingly dangerous world of zombies, where surprisingly normal things happen, such as checking supplies, a door creaking, people having affairs. Zombies tend to polarise, obviously, not really human at all, but creepily like us, actually – the way we never want to end up, I suppose. Good stuff, Anna, and
well done for persevering with this opus. My wee poem about my granny and her dementia met with general approval, and Anna (guest) suggested I add the bit about my gran keeping her real age a secret all her life. Dad had to have the brass plaque on the coffin re-made with the real date-of-birth. Jenny’s song lyrics sound sad “Something that wasn’t meant to be” – and leave the listeners wondering what it was: love, a relationship? Here, too, we’re on tenterhooks, waiting for the whole song (and music).
A great session, with 3 cats on various laps to round off the cosy picture.
Once I receive some of the actual poems, I’ll post them here.