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Former Chairperson

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Simone Breier, born 1977 in Germany, moved to the USA at the age of eight and grew up in Virginia. To her English is sometimes more her native tongue than German, hence she writes predominately in English. She is a founding member of Writers Ink and during her studies of American Studies, Linguistics and Political Science offered creative writing workshops with Stephanie Lammers at schools and took on an active role as chairperson for four years. Upon successful completion of her studies she first worked at VW in Wolfsburg and then seeking new challenges applied for a teaching position at the Federal Bureau of Languages, where she has been working since 2009. This teaching position allows her to incorporate ethical, current socio-political and philosophical issues into language lessons, because the students are military officer cadets, who will begin their academic studies.
To her languages are bridges built on colorful stones of cultures. They are the means by which we can cross into the unfamiliar and go beyond our fears and discover a new voice within ourselves. Through languages we can listen and discover the melodies that reside within different cultures and people. She currently resides in Dresden.

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