“Science fiction is what we point to when we say it.” – Damon Knight

A science fiction story can be extremely short and at the same time convey complex emotions and thoughts. Sci Fi does not need starships and light sabres to work. While technology may play an important part, the focus should be on the human condition.
You’re worried the jury for the Daniil Pashkoff Prize might not like Science Fiction? Wrong! We accept all genres.
Here are a couple of prompts to get the creative juices flowing:

Describe a sunrise or sunset on a world that is set in the distant future. It could be Earth or Mars or a distant world. Who is watching it and how does he/she/it feel?

Take your age and add it to the current date. For example, if you are 24, try to imagine, what the Earth will look like in 24 years, i.e. in 2045. Invent a character, who is as old then, as you are now. What challenges does he/she/it face?