Here’s a little exercise for people who have very little experience writing poetry. Maybe you had to analyze poems at school and hated it? Well, writing them is fun. The idea is to shape words and lines in a surprising and aesthetic manner and to convey universal or personal truths. Poetry can also be called a snapshot in words.
There’s no need to rhyme. Just go for it, pour your thoughts on the paper. But during the revision process it does help to always dig a little deeper and not use the first word that popped into your mind. Take the road least travelled.

Anyway, here’s the exercise. Why not give it a shot?

Who are you?

Write a poem about yourself using the following guidelines. Once you’ve finished the first draft, feel free to rewrite and play with the format. You can move lines around, change the structure, reword. Make it your poem.
Try to select words not just for the information they contain, but also for their beauty, sound, and their power to express emotion.


  • Line 1: -Your first name-
  • Line 2: -Four traits that describe you-
  • Line 3: Relative of…
  • Line 4: Lover of  -3 people or ideas-
  • Line 5: Who feels -3 responses-
  • Line 6: Who needs -3 responses-
  • Line 7: Who gives -3 responses-
  • Line 8: Who fears  -3 responses-
  • Line 9: Who would like to see  -1 response-
  • Line 10: Resident of  -city, country, planet, etc-
  • Line 11:  -Your last name-

The objective? Flex your poetic muscles and realize, that any given form may act as a vessel for your thoughts and ideas.
Try to come up with a format yourself and then fill it. See where that takes you… Or work on the same format, but write about a different person, invented or real.

Image by Катерина Кучеренко from Pixabay