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Writers Ink – Workshops
All venues take place in the Raabe-Haus:
Literaturzentrum, Leonhardstr. 29a, 38102 Braunschweig
on Saturday at 11 a.m. (www.braunschweig.de/literaturzentrum)
There is no charge. Meetings usually take 2-3 hours - we bring short texts
that we've written at home and read them to the others in order to receive
feedback. Occasionally, we have workshops with set topics or exercises...
Mail us for more information. Be creative. Join the fun.
Contact: secretary@writersink.com
Next Writers Ink. venues:
SA 22.06.19 / 11 am / What Dreams May Come on a Summer Night
As our planet passes closest to the sun, let's take a ride on solar winds into the realm of science fiction and fantasize about space travel, alien life and parallel universes. Come to our guided workshop and write a three page sci-fi story of your own.
SA 25.05.19 / 11 am / Finding Ideas for Short Stories
Writing a short story sounds like an easy task. You just sit down to your notebook, open a perfectly white, fresh, crispy blank page and... And... Don't panic! Just come to our guided workshop and learn from an award-winning writer how to gather ideas and shape them into a real story.
SA 27.04.19 / 11 am / Surprise Prompts From Our Treasure Chest
Are you looking for new inspiration and warm chats with fellow writers? Join us for creative exercises!

SA 30.03.19 / 11 am / Open Workshop: Masks
Masks hide our faces and give us a new one. We wear them for parties or for crimes. What happens when the masks fall?

SA 23.02.19 / 11 am / Birthday Party
Celebrate with us! This is where we showcase texts that were written for or during our workshops.
SA 26.01.19 / 11 am / Open Workshop: New Year, New Me
Whether you want to start a new hobby or quit an old habit, the new year is an opportunity to think about change and things to cross off one's bucket list. Bring a text inspired by your personal new year's resolution or your opinion on those! Prose and Poetry welcome!
SA 02.06.18 / 11 am /
Workshop by Oz Hardwick
(Leeds Trinity University)

Brunswick’s Til Eulenspiegel has played many roles over the last six centuries – trickster, satirist, revolutionary – and has been subject to varied interpretations. In this workshop we will take the most common reading of his name – ‘owl mirror’ – as our starting point: the owl has come to symbolise wisdom and clear sightedness in the dark; the mirror reflects our world to us as it is, yet reversed.

In this workshop we will be looking at Til Eulenspiegel alongside his shape-shifting European counterpart Renard (or Reineke, or Reinaert, or...). With this motley band to guide us, we’ll be looking at reflections, inversions and opposites and, like Til Eulenspiegel, turning the world upside-down so that we see ourselves in a new, clear, and perhaps absurd way.

Oz Hardwick is a York-based writer, photographer and musician, who has been published extensively worldwide. He is a Professor of English and Programm Leader for Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University. In 2018 he also acted as juror for the our adult poetry category of the Daniil Pashkoff Prize.

We are still in the process of organizing this event. If everything works out, we will meet between 10 and 11 a.m. for a guided walk to the Til Eulenspiel fountain, followed by a light lunch to break the ice (price not included in the workshop fee, so plan accordingly – we will pick an affordable restaurant). Afterwards we'll adjourn to the Raabe-Haus for the writing workshop.

Fee: 15 EUR (10 EUR for students) & lunch (not included)
Application: Please write to: workshop@writers-ink.de
We can only accept 10 applications.

SA 27.10.18 / 11 am / Open Workshop: Chasing Ghosts
Ghosts of the past, ghosts that haunt a house or seek vengeance, friendly ghosts or apparitions. Grab your nearest writing tool and test your skills on a slightly darker writing territory. Bring texts or just come to listen!
SA 29.09.18 / 11 am / Workshop: How to Write a Ten Minute Play
Did you always want to know how to write for the stage, or just want to polish your dialogue skills? Come and join us as playwright Paul Ekert shares some of his work process. Kontakt: workshop@writers-ink.de
SA 25.08.18 / 11 am / Open Read-In
Bring a text you have been working on and discuss it with a group of other writers. Both prose and poetry are welcome.
SA 23.06.18 / 11 am / Open Workshop: Gender, Gender, Gender
The gender issue is finally hitting Writers Ink! We are keen on hearing what you have to say – in sonnet, drama, or rap song, anything goes.
SA 26.05.18 / 11 am / Surprise Prompts From Our Treasure Chest
Are you looking for new inspiration and warm chats with fellow writers? Join us for some creative exercises!

SA 28.04.18 / 11 am / Workshop: How to Fantasy
Heroes and dragons, thieves and wise men, kings and queens. What does a good fantasy need? Is there a recipe for success? We will create short stories and talk about what makes a fantasy story fantasy and which tools you need to tackle genre fiction. Come and write with us!
SA 17.03.18 / 11 am / Writers Ink Workshop
lädt ein zum kreativen Schreiben auf Englisch für Nicht-Muttersprachler
Workshop: Read Inn
Do you have some finished pieces that you always wanted to present to the world,
but never did? Or is it something you just came up with last night in a sudden burst
of creativity?
Read it to us. Poetry or prose, anything goes.
SA 24.02.18 / 11 am / Reading – Happy Birthday, Writers Ink!
Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year, folks!
Let’s have a party to celebrate that we’re sweet seventeen – with poetry and prose, written and read by members of Writers Ink.
Join us!
SA 20.01.18 / 11 am / Open Workshop
Do you need some prompts and good vibrations to start your creative engines? Or a good conversation with other writers? Or do you need feedback on your draft for the upcoming Daniil Pashkoff Prize, so you may give it a bit of spit and polish?
You are welcome to join us!