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Weather Notes
Poems 2012
by Rebecca Bilkau a member of Writers Ink.

by Rebecca Bilkau

Whenever he leans forward, nodding
at the events of the great world, he
exposes the lowest part of his neck, soft
as his very first skin
and because his collar is unbuttoned
and his shirt all slipped and loose, displayed
below is a semi-circle of flesh, where the sun
has washed him apricot.
And he is so vulnerable there, I am
transfixed by outrageous potentials:
sly shrapnel, malicious arrows, craven
paraphernalia from any time
and I want nothing ever to pierce this
precious little crescent and make vast,
covert pledges to protect it
from all real and mythical ills
so I
can bite it.


Weather Notes - Poems 2012
Available at Overstepsbooks

Zwischen Stacheldraht und Horizont:
Deutsche und Englische Gedichte 1980-2007
by Stephanie Lammers a member of Writers Ink.

Reiseimpression. Portrait. Tagebuch. Selbsttherapie.
Schnappschuss. Stimmungsbild. Wortspiel. Protest.
Ein Gedichtband kann all das sein, und noch viel mehr.
Der vorliegende Gedichtband enthält Gedichte in zwei
Sprachen, aus drei Jahrzehnten, über vier Kontinente …
Warum ich die englischen Gedichte nicht einfach ins
Deutsche übersetzt habe?
”Poetry is what gets lost in translation.” - Robert Frost

Zwischen Stacheldraht und Horizont:
Deutsche und Englische Gedichte
Paperback, € 9,90
ISBN 978-3-8370-7048-4
Books on Demand, www.bod.de
Available at Amazon

Riverbank City - A Bremen Canvas
by Ian Watson a member of Writers Ink.

Calling all teachers of English! The booklet containing
teaching material for my book Riverbank City, aimed at
Oberstufe students and adult learners, is now available as
a free PDF download on the publisher’s website:
It offers teachers a flexible range of exercises and projects
which can be used according to time available. These vary
from short exercises based on individual poems to four
more ambitious projects involving research and excursions
in the city. You will find details of the fourteen poem
exercises and the four projects in the text on the website.
The publisher has also done a great job in embedding
audio files of me reading the fourteen poems in my posh
English teacher’s voice.

I am available per email to answer questions and to give
advice. As already announced, I will visit schools (and of
course also adult learning groups) to discuss the exercises
and projects and to talk about the book, my feelings about
Bremen and about writing poetry. In addition, I am also
very willing to give writing workshops and comment on
students’ literary work. Anyone interested will find my
contact details in the booklet. Please spread the word.

Riverbank City – A Bremen Canvas
Paperback, 96 p., € 11,00
ISBN 978-3-933498-25-0
Available at Amazon and bookstores throughout Germany

Schule 2000 plus:
Bekenntnisse eines Gesamtschullehrers
by Otmar Bauer a member of Writers Ink.

”Glückliche Fügung alles, die Welt ein didaktischer Ort.”

Ottmar Bauer, Jahrgang 1942, war lange Jahre als Lehrer
an der Heinrich-Nordhoff-Gesamtschule in Wolfsburg tätig,
wo zwischen 1999 und 2005 seine Tagebuchaufzeich-
nungen entstanden. Er lebt mit seiner Frau und seiner
Tochter in Braunschweig.


Schule 2000 +:
Bekenntnisse eines Gesamtschullehrers
Paperback, € 17,90
ISBN 978-3-8334-8857-3
Books on Demand, www.bod.de
Available at Amazon