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from the DPP 2014

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The authors of prize-winning texts of all four categories: (from left) Andrea von Hochmeister, Yasmin Schulze, Ingrid Glienke, Anna Kuropatkova, Daria Radler, Fedor Nemoytin, Katharina Mahler, Cara Berg, Laura Secker, Jessika Köhler, Hidaja Trautmann (Berlitz Prize). The following winners are not in the picture: Lea Evers, Antonia Daunert, Lea Frank.

Writers Ink. e.V. wishes to thank Buchhandlung Graff for graciously providing us
with the ideal place to host the 2014 Daniil Pashkoff Prize award ceremony
and fortheir help and generosity.

Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2014 · The Prize Winners / Awards Ceremony

Prose · 19 and Under
I. Prize - ”Concrete Skies” - Andrea von Hochmeister, Neckarsulm
II. Prize - ”The Way It Used to Be” - Lea Evers, Hannover
III. Prize - ”Streetlight” - Yasmin Schulze, Frankfurt
”This is the youngest participant who has ever submitted a text to
the competition - Fedor Nemoytin, 9 years old, from Braunschweig.
Fedor has written an enjoyable piece of fanfiction, a detective story
about The Three Investigators, whom he calls The Three ???.
Please take your time and read it - and marvel at Fedor’s writing
skills, which for sure make him stand out from from the crowd.
We are looking forward to reading more from him in the future!”
> read Fedor’s story
Poetry · 19 and Under
I. Prize - ”A Summer Night's Beauty” - Laura Secker · Reutlingen
II. Prize - ”Home; Truth; Beggar” - Antonia Daunert · Braunschweig
III. Prize - ”Don't Smoke in Bed” - Lea Frank · Berlin
Prose · 20 and Over
I. Prize - ”Hunt 1947” - Ingrid Glienke · Kiel
II. Prize - ”The Candy Files” - Katharina Mahlers · Würzburg
III. Prize - ”Coloured Desperation” - Daria Radler · Hamburg
Poetry · 20 and Over
I. Prize - ”History; The Shoes” - Anna Kuropatkova · Worms
II. Prize - ”Near World; Hunger; Faint” - Jessika Köhler · Hamburg
III. Prize - ”Lay By; Silhouette, Blue Tunes” - Cara Berg · Heidelberg
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